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Pitambari (Neelam)
Pitambari (Neelam) is believed to counter the malefic effects of both Saturn and Jupiter. It is a form of Sapphire gemstone which has both yellow and blue color. The ratio of the colors will vary from stone to stone.

Who Should Wear a Pitambari (Neelam)?

The Pitambari gemstone includes the same beneficial properties of Blue Sapphire stones and so it promises the wearer to bring good luck, prosperity, health and success in all endeavors.
The Pitambari gemstone is recommended for people who have both Saturn and Jupiter influences in their birth chart.
A very powerful gemstone it should be used when Saturn is posited in the signs of Jupiter or when Saturday and Jupiter combined together in the horoscope.

How to Choose Pitambari Gemstone?

The ideal weight of the Pitambari stone should be 1/10th of your body weight. (60kg body weight = 6 carat+ stone)
A Pitambari gemstone should have transparency/clarity.
The gemstone should have minimum inclusions.
A natural unheated or untreated Pitambari gemstone should be preferred.

Benefits of Pitambari Gemstone:

The unique stone is believed to counter the malefic effects of both the planets which include Saturn and Jupiter. People suffering from nightmares and sleepless nights are also advised to wear the yellow blue sapphire stone.
People suffering from financial problems, lack of concentration, failure in business can wear the gemstone and reap its benefits.
These stones are known to be greatly beneficial for those who practice law and medicine (doctors).
Pitambari gemstone promises the wearer to bring forth good luck, prosperity, health and success in all endeavors.

Where Should I Buy Natural Pitambari Gemstone?

Be careful as many dealers sell heated or treated Pitambari at higher rates. When you buy online Pitambari gemstones, ensure that you get a Lab certificate of the authenticity of gemstone.
The seller should also have a clear refund policy.
You can buy Pitambari online at where the original gemstone prices are reasonable and quality the best. We value your trust above anything else and therefore, provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Pitambari stone is 100% natural. Also, you can pay cash on delivery as we provide free shipping for our products worldwide.

How To Wear Pitambari Gemstone?

Pitambari (Neelam) should preferably be worn in Panchdhatu or Gold. Alternatively, it can also be worn in Silver. It can be worn either as ring, pendant or bracelet.

Procedure for Wearing Pitambari Gemstone:

Pitambari Gemstone is worn in the ring finger of the correct hand (right-hand for right-handed people and left-hand for left-handed people). It should be worn at the time of the sunrise on Tuesday during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon).